Media Technologies In The Teaching And Learning Process

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Rusudan Gogokhia


The article discusses the need for the use and development of modern information and communication technologies in the field of education. The use of technology has spread widely around the world and changed the way we live and shape our relationships. This change has affected the field of education, learning needs and opportunities in various ways. New ways of using language and motivating students in these forms create new opportunities for collaboration and interaction between teachers and students. In addition, many students use a lot of digital devices such as: computers, cell phones, tablets and more.Technological devices are part of their daily lives. Nowadays, a variety of new technological devices are available to many people as well as students. Technologies need to be integrated into education and language learning. Technology enhances students' abilities as they are used in everyday life. This new era of learning is welcome.

Social Media, Internet Resource, Distance Learning, Learning Platforms
Published: Nov 21, 2021

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Rusudan Gogokhia, European University

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Associate Professor of European University