The "Master Weapon" Of Modern Warfare. Challenges Of The XXI Century

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Kakhaber Chapodze


The article presents the significance of correct definition of modern “Master Weapon” as a key to deal with the challenges of war and warfare. Basically “the Master Weapon” is perceived not only as a result of technological advancement, but also as a military theory involving development of appropriate strategies, doctrines and introduction of organizational changes in the armed forces. It emphasis the important mistakes made during World Wars I and II related to the correct definition of “the Master Weapon”. The examples discussed in the article clearly demonstrate the impact of the means of technological progress on warfare and errors arising in the result of insufficient revolutionary changes undertaken in military affairs.

Major challenges mentioned in the article include crisis of vision in terms of adjusting to the current reality. That is, we must adequately perceive any technological advancement, create an appropriate doctrinal foundation and implement all necessary organizational changes in our defense forces to make maximal use of technological advancements.

Modern technological achievements in the air, land and sea dimensions as well as the unmanned air, land and sea platforms will be the “Master Weapons” used in the future wars. These are the most advanced technological capabilities which will significantly change the conditions of warfare in the future.

In addition, leaders must be able to properly designate and use “the Master Weapons” of the modern times in combat actions through adjusting relevant doctrines, task organization and tactics to modern conditions.

Master Weapon, Doctrine, Unmaned Platforms, Technological Advencments
Published: Nov 21, 2021

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