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Nana Kutsia


The article is devoted to the analysis of the problems concerning the language situation of the post-war Abkhazia, the north-west part of Georgia, occupied by Russia.

One of the main goals of the Russian Empire is to strengthen on the north-east coast of the Black Sea. The Russians landed and captured the north-east of Georgia in order to gain a foothold on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea.

The tragic events of 1992-1993 which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the aborigine Georgian population in Abkhazia radically changed the ethno-demographic and linguistic picture of the region.

“Toponymic war” took place in Abkhazia in the period of 1990s. At this period new geographical names (such as the names of Abkhazian military persons) appeared on the map of Georgia instead of names of Georgian origin. Most of the cancelled names are either Russian or derived from the Russian language.

In Abkhazia there are investigated the language peculiarity of the population living there at present which differ significantly from those in other parts of Georgia due to the influence of the educational system of the Russian Federation.

The article touches upon the status of the Georgian and Abkhazian languages. The study of the factual materials has shown that the “independence” of Abkhazia has not brought the feeling of full value. The goal of Russia in Abkhazia is russification of the territory and its adsorption into the empire. It’s too easy after ethnic cleansing of the Georgian population and changing in ethno-demographic and linguistic picture of Abkhazia – the north-west part of Georgia.

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Published: Nov 21, 2021

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