Ways Of Developing Mikhail Bakhtin's Aesthetic Concept

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Maia Qardava


The name of Mikhail Bakhtin is known to all the literary critics. The article discusses Bakhtin’s aesthetic theory as a whole as much detail as possible and presents the ways of its development.

It is difficult to study and understand Mikheil Bakhtin's thought. The reason is the thesis and conceptual forms of expression of thought, together with the complex and peculiar style of the scientist, which are similar to intuitive aphorisms. Bakhtin was interested in the ontological nature of man, which often does not coincide with his personal characteristics. He is characterized by a special individual thinking, he does not like the abstract-local space of the scientific traditions of the previous period, which he considered acceptable, only one variant of reasoning, ie B was always equal to B.

Mikheil Bakhtin’s scientific legacy often includes contradictory directions of philosophical thought. One part of the scholars argues that Bakhtin’s ideas are a continuation of the Russian intellectual tradition, while the other part claims that he was closer to WesternEuropean culture, in particular; With structuralism and Marxist poetics and that his ideas are intuitive with postmodernism. These ideas are often diametrically opposed and even incompatible with each other, which sometimes even leads to a distorted perception of the creative heritage of the scientist. Bakhtin rejected scientific abstraction and preferred a particular idea, a specific individual subject operated at a certain time and in a certain space. He tried to connect Russian free thought with German philosophy.

Whether Bakhtin was able to combine the fields of philosophy and aesthetics, it is important to note that his philosophical pursuits, imprinted with a deep humanitarian pathos are directed towards the person and his constant spiritual renewal.

The classical and ethical postulates given in Bakhtin's works, which are also related to analytical research in literary criticism are relevant and interesting today. They amaze us with the richness and depth of philosophical thought which is the greatness of Mikheil Bakhtin as a scientist and researcher.

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Published: Nov 21, 2021

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