Mapping Of Land And Forest Resources Of Samegrelo Region

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Koba Korsantia
Revaz Tolordava


The aim of the article is mapping of land and forest resources of Samegrelo region usung geo-information system. According to the above-mentioned the following works have been implemented:

Comparison of land resources, which are located within administrative borders of the region, structural picture of land resources has been created on the basis of statistical information about land and results of reprocessing of the data acquired by the author on site, which gives a clear view on distribution of agricultural and nonagricultural lands in the region.

As a result of generalization of the above-mentioned material and surface differences the author elaborated geo-informational map of main soil resoursec in Samegrelo, which gives detailed information about complicity of geographic distribution of land resources. Also, based on the data of empirical observation the author elaborated geo-informational map of agriculture in Samegrelo, whire it is clearly shown zones of wodespread of agriculture fields on the territory of the region.

With the aim of ensuring and maintaining permanency and guaranteed application of mappings and renewable natural resources the author elaborated statistical, quantitative and qualitative figures of wood households, which are clearly indicated in the work. The work also includes comparative analysis of materials on forest resources of 80’s of the last century. Contemporary geo-informational map of the potential of forest resources of Samegrelo, showing areas of widespreading of the forest during the last years, was elaborated with materials acquired by observations, analysis of empirical data and by application of databases.

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Published: Nov 21, 2021

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Koba Korsantia, Sokhumi State University

Sokhumi State University Department of Geography,

Doctor of Geography, Associate Professor


Revaz Tolordava, Sokhumi State University

Sukhumi State University Department of Geography 

Doctor of Geography

Associate Professor