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Jemal Jinjikhadze


The words: interaction, interactive, interactional and other related words have been recently introduced in Georgian vocabulary and brought into Georgian education, the new reform of Georgian education system. But this has caused some chaos. In modern pedagogical literature, the words are often used incorrectly, in the wrong place and mixing together.

In the article this issue has been thoroughly researched and stated that only two terms related to the discussed topic should be included in Georgian language vocabulary, in pedagogical thesaurus: “Interaction” and “Interactive”. The first of the words is derived from the word “Interactional” –“ინტერაქციული”, through the suffix –“ულ”-“ul”, and the second “ინტერაქტიური” is derived from the word “აქტიური” “Active” by adding adjective prefix “ინტერ”- “Inter”. Other similar words to interactive and other related words will cause language waste.

It should also be noted that in the books published by the Ministry of Education is considered interactive teaching. This is not correct. Teaching could not be interactive. It is true that teaching should be imbued with interactions, but this does not mean that teaching is interactive. Interaction is a mental process and not a teaching method. In teaching, for example, attention and memory are required, but to call teaching attentive or to be attentive, or even memorable, would be an absurd.

An interactive teaching method is a form of interaction between the teacher and student where not only teachers and students but also students interact with each other. Everyone has daily dialogues with each other. The student conducts a dialogue with himself/herself through reflection.

According to the modern Georgian encyclopedic dictionary and the digital universal school dictionary created by the Ministry of Education the word - "Interaction” means the attention of two or more people to each other, to other subjects or to a third person.

This is not correct. Interaction is not only paying attention, it is more complicated mental process. It is necessary to get more determination in this issue.

Generally is known such definition:
Interaction - is an action of people (their activity) between each other while their relationship, planning common activities, organizing joint activities, psychological impact on each other…

It seems that the notion of “Interaction” is related to the concept of mutual activities and relationship between the people.

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Published: Nov 21, 2021

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