School Starts With The Teacher

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Leila Sherozia


As is known, the relationship between a teacher and a student, finding a common language is impossible only on the basis of a separate theory or just bare practice alone. The most effective way to achieve the goal is to develop a balanced, logically cohesive minipedagogical system based on pedagogical theory and the situation of personal or others’ practical experiences.

The problem is that students have different individual and psychological, cultural and social characteristics. A method that is effective for one or more people may prove to be ineffective for other people or, moreover, may be destructive to the relationships.

Therefore, the professional development of the teacher, his/her professional growth must be constantly updated, because the success of the teaching and educational work in school is conditioned by the teacher’s professional training level.

The Teacher must meet contemporary professional standards and competencies, must systematically work to improve his/her qualifications, must be involved in the professional development system and actively participate in pedagogical seminars, scientific conferences and in all activities related to the teaching profession.

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Published: Nov 21, 2021

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Leila Sherozia , Sokhumi State University

PhD in Pedagogy

Invited Professor, Sokhumi State University