The Hisorical Memory as Way to Save Our Identity

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Maya Gvinjilia


“Historical memory” is the most important component of self-identification of a person, a social group and society as a whole.

Historical memory can help people affected by a terrible past feel that society is fully aware of their pain, condemns the actions that caused this pain, and gives some confidence that such actions will not be repeated in the future.

When the bearers of historical memory die, historical memory naturally changes, revisiting and rethinking the facts of the past. Some details disappear forever, while others, on the contrary, expand and are added under the influence of today's reality.

We remember Abkhazia and all the memories, and while I am there, my memory will exist, but when I and my generation are gone, the memory will also disappear. Although I tell my children a lot about Abkhazia, what I remember and experience is a completely different perception, and therefore I consider it necessary while I and the representatives of the previous generation are still alive and doing this. Historical memory, document as much as possible.

The initiative of certain groups of the population of Abkhazia was to create an interactive map on which one could mark their house and download information about the people living in this house, thereby giving an opportunity to generations not born and not raised in Abkhazia. To have an idea of where and how their ancestors lived. It will be especially good if the return to Abkhazia does not take place during our lifetime (I hope) and that future generations know about their heritage and history.

Historical memory, collective memory, Abkhazia, identity
Published: Sep 30, 2023

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Gvinjilia, M. (2023). The Hisorical Memory as Way to Save Our Identity. Proceedings of Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences, 23, 101–108.
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Maya Gvinjilia, Georgian National University - SEU

Doctor of Managament, Georgian National University - SEU, Associate Professor